still from My Dad Might Be Dead (the last time we spoke) (2019)

credit: Morgan Sheridan

My Dad Might Be Dead (the last time we spoke) (2019)

MDMBD was a performative ritual. A candle was lit, whiskey was poured, and I tattooed myself; my actions soundtracked by the music I used to share with my father. My thigh forever bears witness: "I had nothing to say." 

handmade flyers for My Dad Might Be Dead (the last time we spoke) (2019)

A note:


My performance works are not formally documented. They are extremely personal and rely on the energy, intimacy, and tensions of the shared environment generated between my performative self and the audience in attendance. A camera can too easily disrupt such a carefully curated space. Instead, memory becomes medium. I am part owner of these performative works which live on in the mind's eye of those who were there to experience them. Any imagery that exists of these works was taken and submitted at the discretion of individuals in attendance. 


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